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Do you feel stuck and want to rediscover your inner compass?

Working as an international counsellor since 1997, I can help you gain a better understanding of yourself. From rediscovering the things that fire up your enthusiasm and creativity, to addressing what’s holding you back. I believe true resilience is one of the most important outcomes of therapy.

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I also invite you to get to know me through my writing. My blog-site, Healthy Neurotics, has a lot of articles about life in general and expat/international life in particular.

My journey as a global nomad

I am the daughter of a naval officer, and so I learned at an early age that packing up and moving on every six years was a normal part of life. It was a lifestyle that continued once I was mistress of my own fate.

When I was 21 I left the Netherlands to return to the UK where I had lived some years as a child. It is there that I learned to be more compassionate to myself and where I subsequently did all my training. But I have also lived and worked in Sweden and New Zealand, I was in a cross cultural marriage and have a wonderful adult TCK son.

And so I understand the issues of international life from both a professional and a personal perspective. I understand about feeling guilty or worried about sick or elderly parents ‘back home’. I understand that you can suffer from relocation fatigue, especially when you’ve already moved around a lot.

I am now snug in my floating home on the outskirts of Amsterdam, having never thought I would enjoy being ‘home’ so much.

A unique Riverside Retreat

I also offer this unique riverside spot as a short-stay accommodation for people who want to experience the deep sense of inner  peace that comes from living on the river. In 2017 the houseboat was completely renovated with the addition of a cleverly designed studio, inspired by the tiny houses concept.

It is a perfect setting for the completion of a creative project, inner reflection or a romantic getaway. Unravel your creative knots, explore your inner depths, or just kick back and chill with the ducks. With an experienced counsellor close at hand, you are invited to make use of my counselling expertise as part of your stay.

Riverside Studio reviews

I look forward to welcoming you here!

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