You’ve made your bed

In the years before I left Sweden I was stuck in a trap of my own making. While I longed for my professional and personal life to be different, I was addicted to the security of running my own business and being in a relationship. After all, I loved my work and I had once […]

No guilt trip home

This is the time of year that many global nomads head home to their families. With expectations high on both sides, these visits can be a mixture of heaven and hell. Almost all expatriates feel some measure of guilt about the effect their life choices have on those who love and miss them ‘back home’ […]

Third culture parenting

Parenting is hard enough at the best of times. Yet add into the mix the psychological development of intercultural, cross-cultural and international children and the challenges increase. Ask any so-called third culture kid and the question they hate most is where are you from? Tough, when mum is Brazilian, dad is from Sweden and the […]

When fear and anxiety kidnap the system

Anyone who has ever experienced a Vipassana retreat has learned to sit and observe; every niggle, every ache, every panicked thought and every upwelling emotion. You sit, you observe and you let it pass through. When you pay something too much attention, it is said, it will grow, take over your mind and take you […]

The returning alien syndrome

Much has been written about the plight of expats and internationals integrating into new cultures. However, returning to your roots can be just as disconcerting, not to mention alienating. And for the accompanying partner it can be a real shock to see their intercultural, exotic partner suddenly fold right back into their cultural conditioning. Once […]

Only the lonely

While all around you everyone seems to be settling in and dealing with their relocation by the book, you feel lost, alienated, disconnected and very alone. You think you’re doing something wrong. But remember, no one likes to admit that they are lonely and I have found that everyone struggles at some point. Some people […]