Sample exercises

Below you will find three examples of the kind of exercises I might suggest to help you on your search for an inner compass. In addition I may also suggest creative drawing, journaling, letters to ‘self’, etc.

Guided imagery exercise

We are all wired differently and sometimes words can create and uphold barriers to that still small voice of calm. Guided imagery is a way to enter the dreamlike, imaginary world of the unconscious. Sitting quietly, you go on an imaginary inner journey. It’s not hypnosis, and you’re firmly in control. For most people it’s a really relaxing and even fun way to explore the archetypes of the unconscious. Curious? Below is an example of a very common guided imagery exercise.

Subpersonality exercise

Think of a time when you had to make a decision and you felt conflicted, pulled in two directions. You feel like the rope in a tug-of-war! Stretched out and out of control. By stepping back from the conflicting messages and giving them an identity, you take back control of the process, allowing each side to fully express and explore its point of view and becoming their arbitrator, instead of their victim.

The witnessing exercise

This tool from the transpersonal toolbox is useful for people who are on an existential path and seeking meaning and purpose beyond the immediate concerns of the (little) self. This is a wonderfully centring and balancing exercise, and some people even choose to start every session with it.